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Whistleblower Identity Revealed: IT’S DONALD TRUMP!

Partners in the budding new Washington law firm, Giuliani & Barr, with the investigative help of Fox News hosts, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity, worked tirelessly to uncover the identity of the person they suspected of being the whistleblower who revealed secret conversations between the US President and the leader of the Ukraine

In spite of laws protecting whistleblowers’ identities, the avid White House allies took it upon themselves to use their best journalistic skills to hammer sources so they could share the secret information with the world.

At a Trump rally Sean Hannity called out to the audience, “We’re going to find that damn spying sonofabitch whistleblower! And when we do… what are we going go do?” The faithful crowd shouted “Lock him up! Lock him up!”

Much to the hosts’ disappointment, however, the next morning it was revealed that the whistleblower was none other than President Trump himself.

The law firm of Giuliani and Barr was quick to spin the information. “It turns out,” bragged Giuliani, “from a legal standpoint the president made a very astute move.”

His law partner, William Barr, agreed. “The President knew he was in trouble and sought to take advantage of the legal statutes that protect whistleblowers from prosecution. And he’s well within the law to do so.”

“Let them come after me now,” shouted Trump to his followers, “And I’ll have them all put in jail!”

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