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Wacky Movies : Supernatural Sequels

Given the popularity of movies with ghostly themes like The Sixth Sense and Blair Witch Project, Hollywood studios are scrambling to come up with new supernatural film ideas. But it's difficult for them to leave their old ways behind, and are prone to revisit their old hits:

My Best Friend's Funeral

Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts star in this hilarious romantic comedy about two women competing to be pall bearers at Hugh Grant's funeral. Little do they know he's not done romancing either of them yet.

Died Hard

Bruce Willis' character takes a bullet through the chest during the terrorist takeover of his wife's office building. The international thugs think they're home free, until they find their every effort thwarted by the heroic cop they thought was dead. They catch him and smash him under an elevator. But his spirit returns. They wrap him in dynamite and explode him to bits. But he returns again. Finally they just give up and throw themselves off the building.

Thelma & Louise, The Sequel

If you thought you'd seen the last of these two wild-hearted women, you were wrong. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis are back visiting their old haunts. They lead the police on chase after chase, each time escaping by launching themselves into Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, and into the mouth of Mount St. Helens.

Austin Powers, The Ghost Who Shagged Me

Early in the new sequel, the sexy British secret agent dies of an infected hangnail. Fortunately his superiors give him a secret pill that enables his ghost--and his mojo--to return and save the world from the despotic plans of Dr. Evil and MiniMe.

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