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Malpractice Attorneys Accidentally Sue Themselves


In a sweeping new national, class-action filing, a leading malpractice attorney inadvertently filed a massive class-action malpractice suit against himself, and tens of thousands of other malpractice attorneys.

"When I filled out the computerized lawsuit filing form," explained Milton Berdbrane, partner in a highly successful class-action and malpractice law firm, Berdbrane, Looney & Witless. "I accidentally typed in our own profession at the spot for the defendant." And now I've just sued every attorney in the country."

Named in the suit are workers compensation attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, legal malpractice attorneys, medical malpractice attorneys, car accident lawyers, and lawyers representing victims suffering from issues related to asbestos, mesothelioma, cancer, pharmaceutical flaws, and numerous car accident cases.

"The odd thing is," says Berdbrane, "I think we're gonna win this thing. I've already got fifty-three cases pending in nine states, including Florida, New Jersey, Michigan and California. And twenty look like they're ready for a settlement. All because of a typographical error."

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