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The Real Code Within The Da Vinci Code

A Wacky Times Exclusive Investigative Breakthrough!

While most fans of the runaway hit novel, The Da Vinci Code, are intrigued to follow the main characters as they unravel secret codes

surrounding the ancient Holy Grail, few readers realize there are still more codes encrypted within the novel itself. With thousands of experts worldwide dissecting the book, only the scholars at Wacky Times have managed to crack the novel’s code, which is nothing less than the secret to the composition of the universe…

It’s… the musical scale.

Consider the names of the principle characters in The Da Vinci Code:

Leonardo Da Vinci, Renaissance artist

Rémy, the butler

Bezu Fache, captain the French Central Judicial Police

Sophie Neveu, the cryptologist

Robert Langdon, the Harvard professor

Leigh Teabing, the wealthy Grail enthusiast

Now consider the notes from the musical scale: do, re mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do:

Do =Leonardo Da Vinci

Re, Mi =Rémy

Fa =Fache

So =Sophie

La =Langdon

Ti =Teabing

Do =And, of course, everything in the book returns to Leonardo

Our resident literary scholar, Ralph Waldo Loop, calculates that the odds are of this being a coincidence are roughly 1.99 gazillion-trillion to one, or about the same as a literary scholar being able to complete that calculation.

The notes of the musical octave are considered by some students of the cosmos to represent more than musical notes. They’re considered to represent the various frequency of vibrations within our universe, and are therefore the keys to some of life's most deeply-hidden mysteries.

In astrology, for instance, it is widely recognized that each musical note corresponds to an astronomical entity: do (Mars); re (Sun); mi (Mercury); fa (Saturn); sol (Jupiter); la (Venus); and ti (Moon).

So are these names in The Da Vinci Code coincidence? Or do they reveal the subtle playfulness of a novelist who is clearly fascinated by cryptology and matters esoteric?

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