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Ancient Pyramid Found in Missouri

pyramid missouri

An ancient pyramid dating back over fifteen hundred years has just been discovered in a remote region of southwest Missouri, about 80 miles from the nearest city.

What astonished scientists as much as the discovery is how no one ever reported the ancient stone structure until today.

"Nobody drives out that way much," explained one resident. "If we'd known we had pointy things like that out there, we might have said something."

We managed to find one team of ranchers who graze their cattle on land near the pyramids. They had been aware of the ancient landmark's existence but didn't recognize its significance. "That thing? Yeah, we saw it. We just thought that was Egypt."


A Reader's Comment:

In conducting research on American Pyramids, I came across this article on the Wacky Times site stating that an ancient pyramid dating back over fifteen hundred years which is located in a remote region of southwest Missouri was discovered about 80 miles from the nearest city. The article did not mention what city and the pyramids exact location.

Would you have the actual location of the pyramid? If not, would you have a resource that would have location information?

Sincerely, LB

Dear LB,

I'm impressed with the scope of your interest in American Pyramids. These days so many of our universities have limited their interest to the pyramids of South and Central America, forgetting entirely about the rich pyramidial history of the United States and Canada.

Given your expertise, it doesn't surprise me that you found the mileage calculation mentioned puzzling. That is my error.

The distance is "1380 miles" not "80 miles" from the nearest Missouri city, which, it turns out, places the pyramid not in Missouri at all, but on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. I hadn't noticed the odometer on my car stopped days earlier, which accounts for my miscalculation.

Again, thank you for your interest in this fascinating aspect of archeology.

Scientifically yours,

Stanford Harvard Loop, PhD, M.D., A.D.D. (near completion of my O.C.D.)

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