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New Classical Artwork Discovered!

In his ongoing effort to bring culture and sophistication to the world, Wacky Times art historian, Dr. Rins deMoray-Loop, M.F.A, PhD, A.D.D., has announced his latest discovery in the world of art.

Deep within an attic in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, Dr. deMoray-Loop has found a treasure of never-before-seen works from some of the world’s most celebrated artists.

Putin Trump American Gothic

"American Gothic Romance"

We discovered this version of Grant Wood's painting, which is retitled, "American Gothic Romance" of President Donald Trump and Putin. Apparently Wood was prescient in his vision of how romantically involved the two leaders would become. Clearly, Ms. Putin rules this roost.

Rachel Maddow

"Blue Girl"

Before today it was not known that there was a companion piece for Gainsborough’s 1770 painting, "Blue Boy.” This previously unseen work, "Blue Girl," was discovered along with notations that indicate the subject of the painting was a rebellious young girl by the name of Rachel MacMaddow."

" I believe the artist's intention," explains Dr. de Moray-Loop, " was to depict the female subject using liberally-applied, cooler hues to stand in contrast to an environment of warmer, almost fiery tones."

Sarah Palin

“The Non-Reader”

Fragonard’s famous 18th Century painting, “The Reader” was not known to have a comparable work, until now.

The newly discovered artwork is similar in style to painter’s original depiction of a young woman reading, with one significant difference. Upon magnified examination, it has been determined the book she is reading is upside down.

Nancy Pelosi

"Mona Pelosi”

Since the 16th Century art experts have debated whether Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” is smiling or frowning. In this similar work, the expression of “Mona Pelosi” is less in doubt.

From accounts of those who knew the model, the obstinate Florentine power-broker, Nona Pelosi, we can determine that she was probably showing her displeasure toward those bold enough to disagree with her.

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