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Cosmetic Surgery For Pets, Humor News

cat laser hair removal humor news

When you live in a place like Beverly Hills and hob nob with the stars, appearances are important, which is why plastic surgery is so popular there.

But now, the beautiful people have taken it one step further–they're getting cosmetic surgery for their pets. Hollywood veterinary plastic surgeon, Maxwell Schlump, gives us a look at his files:

"Take, for example, this long haired Persian cat. Hair that long has been out for years among the trendy set. So why should the pets be burdened with such unfashionable locks?" asks Dr. Schlump. "After just three treatments, look how cutting edge this kitty is. We tried other approaches but the feline never quite got used to those waxings."

does your dog need a facelift?

Even though these unique canines are known for their wrinkles, one aging film star took her pup, YoHo, in for face work. "She saw the look on his face after her own nip and tuck, and he looked so sad and saggy, she thought this would perk him up. And I'm sure it did."

does your bird need a beak reduction?

One very well known Hollywood parrot has also gone under the knife, according to Dr. Schlump. "Sure, he was getting a lot of voice-over work, but did they ever put his schnoz before the camera? No! But since his beak job, he's already getting guest roles on 'Bay Watch.'" cat art


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