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Politically Incorrect Shopping Mall

politically incorrect shopping mall

Tired of handling all your politically incorrect shopping through the mail and the Internet?

A unique retail plaza of restaurants and specialty stores has opened that let's you can take care of all your politically incorrect needs in one place, out of the view of the public. It even has discreet, underground parking. And, hey, if you run into someone you know once you're inside, who's going to talk?

The first stores to open in the new mall include:

California Condor Kitchen

An eatery specializing in a wide variety of fowl delicacies grilled to extinction. All dishes served rare.

The Furrier The Better

Featuring everything from stoles to full-length coats made from some of the world's most exotic and hard-to-find pelts. Some with ivory buttons.

The Sweat Shop

If you think values have only to do with prices, you'll love this store. Athletic shoes, clothing and accessories fabricated inexpensively overseas by the world's lowest overhead factories.

Spotted Owl Suitcases –

Carrying luggage that's made of material so light, calling it featherweight is an understatement. Carved handles made from old-growth forests.

Guns In A Hurry

If you need a weapon in a hurry, this store carries every variety of firearm, from high-powered rifles with infrared sights to AK-47s. Convicts, okay. Gotta record? So do we. Background check? What's that?

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